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Contradiction between the documentation and Maven's behavior related to profile-activation with multiple criteria



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      The chapter 5.3.1 of the Maven Complete Reference (edition 0.2.1, Novemeber 2009) speaks unambiguously about considering a logical "AND" between more activation-conditions of a profile (cit.: "A profile is activated when all activation criteria has been satisfied. For example, a profile could list an Operating System family of Windows, and a JDK version of 1.4, this profile will only be activated when the build is executed on a Windows machine running Java 1.4.").
      Suprisingly, Maven's real behavior suggests, that the logical "OR" operator is used. The attached demo project contains a profile with two activation-criteria: a property and the existence of a file. As the output shows (attachement output.txt), the fulfillment of a single criterion is enough for activating the profile. Also the corresponding implementation in the Maven core expresses the intention to use an "OR" logic (maven-project/src/main/java/org/apache/maven/profiles/DefaultProfileManager.java r813685 (branch 2.2.x), line 268):

      for ( Iterator activatorIterator = activators.iterator(); activatorIterator.hasNext(); )
      ProfileActivator activator = (ProfileActivator) activatorIterator.next();

      if ( activator.canDetermineActivation( profile ) )
      if ( activator.isActive( profile ) )

      { return true; }


      return false;

      As I'm considering the documentation's variant more reasonable, I'm reporting this as a bug instead of a documentation-issue.


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