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Maven not picking up specific timestamped version dependency when a later timestamped version was downloaded and already present in the local repository



      To reproduce this issue:

      1. Create a project (let's call this projectA) with a class named ClassA having a method named methodA(). Set the version as 1.0-SNAPSHOT and set uniqueVersion=true.
      2. Deploy this in a remote repository
      3. Create another project (let's call this projectB) which has a dependency on projectA. Set the dependency's version to the specific timestamped version when projectA was deployed in step 2. Create a class named ClassB and add a method which invokes ClassA's methodA().
      4. Add your remote repository either in the settings or in the pom.
      5. Build projectB. You will get a successful build.
      6. Now go back to projectA and remove methodA() from classA.
      7. Deploy projectA to the remote repository again.
      8. Update the dependency version of projectA in projectB's pom.xml. Set it to the latest timestamp version.
      9. Build projectB. Your build will fail because methodA() was removed.
      10. Revert the dependency version of projectA in projectB's pom.xml. Set it to the same value you've set in step 3.
      11. Build projectB. Your build will still fail even though you've set the correct version.


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