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Classloader problem loading a resource from a build extension Jar : difference between 2.0.4 and (future) 2.0.5


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      I had a problem when executing the Checkstyle plugin (version 2.1) with the pre-release of Maven 2.0.5. So I dug a bit to see if this could be related to maven core or not, and here is what I found.

      I isolated the code that breaks the build in the checkstyle plugin: it happens when the plugin tries to load my Checkstyle configuration file, which is actually located in a JAR that is specified in the build extensions. The code lies in the Locator#resolveLocation() method:

      // Attempt a Resource.
      URL url = this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResource( location );

      This code returns null for the "url" variable, which in turns breaks the plugin because it doesn't find any configuration file.

      I haven't had the time to dig more into it, but I found the following issue that might be related to this problem: "MNG-2228 : Classloader problem loading jars from build extensions". Brett and Carlos worked on it and fixed it, so maybe they could tell more about it.

      I attached the logs of the execution with Maven 2.0.4 (which works fine) and Maven 2.0.5 (which breaks). I haven't had the time yet to dig further into that problem.

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        Fabrice Bellingard
      2. Checkstyle-2.0.5.txt
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        Fabrice Bellingard
      3. Checkstyle-2.0.4.txt
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        Fabrice Bellingard

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