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improved control over the repositories in the POM




      some discussion: http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/maven-users/200510.mbox/%3c9e3862d80509301841w70bb5883hf352ac3c3bb7ea71@mail.gmail.com%3e

      some questions raised by Chris Berry in relation to this:
      Let's take, for example, repos defined in settings.xml, in a parent POM, a grandparent POM, and in the local POM . So for this case, what is
      The precedence level (if any) ??
      The search order of hierarchies??
      Are they additive??
      Can they be masked??
      How can one disable SNAPSHOTs completely ??
      There are times, mostly when cutting a Release, when you want to be very sure that you are not using any SNAPSHOTs. How does one accomplish this??
      So can one then mask all repos except those seen in settings.xml??

      These need to be defined and documented as at present, however I believe this yields the need for more control, particularly with relation to the latter requests. Snapshot repositories should not be used in a release build, which it would be good to define as building something that is not a snapshot rather than tying it to the performRelease flag and the release plugin (or imply the perform release plugin under these conditions regardless of the plugin being used).

      It would be good to better mirror the repositories, and perhaps use the same pattern to control this from the user end (so settings.xml might always use a mirror for a given repository, block another one, and do these things under a profile in some circumstances).

      I also have the overall goal of reducing traffic, so perhaps we need to group dependencies under a particular repository too. I think this is filed separately.




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