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child-level transitive dependency builds (http://www.mail-archive.com/users@maven.apache.org/msg32502.html)



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      I did not a JIRA for this.

      My wish list: Maven will implement what being outline in this discussion:

      [m2] child-level transitive dependency builds?

      Christopher Cobb
      Tue, 10 Jan 2006 08:15:54 -0800

      Is it expected/preferred that (all?) builds are normally be done from the
      top level? It doesn't seem that this works very well for situations where I
      have a specific plugin which should only be used for certain children. Even
      if I configure the plugin at the top level, it may not make sense/not work
      to invoke it on all the children. So I have been changing into the
      appropriate child directories to invoke some plugins, which leads to also
      doing iterative builds in those child directories.

      If it is expected that we will occasionally/frequently change into child
      project to invoke parts of the build (like I do now), then it seems like
      child-level builds should do transitive build dependency resolution. So if
      I am doing a build in P1, and P1 has some dependencies on P4, and something
      in P4 has changed, then P4 should also get built/installed when I am
      building P1. It seems like this could be done by adding something like a
      <relativePathToProject> tag within each <dependency> for which you would
      like build-time transitive dependency resolution. Or, I suppose it could
      also be figured out by navigating to the parent pom and examining the
      children. Then you could figure out which dependencies are actually
      "project siblings" and should be "transitively built".

      It looks like sometimes/frequently you need to do child-level builds, and
      you may want/need dependent "project siblings" to be build when you do so.

      Is there a way to handle this now? Is this an enhancement request?


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