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Uniquely identify modules by module name and version number



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      This is a platform independent issue. Windows XP, Java builds


      Currently when buiding project dependencies and/or performing a build via the reactor "-r option" it will not build projects that have the same project id. This works in most unique project scenarios, but in scenarios where you may have the directories for a project broken out by version number, you end up with the same artifact-id for the multiple projects. The only difference would be that they are target at different versions.

      Example Layout

      Project X

      +------Dev (pom.xml contains artifact "ProjectX" version Dev (Dev head contains latest release)

      +------1.0 (pom.xml contains artifact "ProjectX" Version 1.0

      +------2.0 (pom.xml contains artifact "ProjectX" Version 2.0

      We may actually build multiple versions of plug-ins that could be deployed and built as a whole. It would simplify the builds if the "-r" option would build each project and version it finds. Today it will only build one of them.

      The same issue or set of problems is presented to the module concept. It's difficult for a parent project that needs to build multiple projects to point at specific versions. Today they project would require a unique artifact and a module pointing to each directory for the pom. It will only build one of the instances of the artifact ID. This forces changes to the parent pom, to deal with the issue. It would be nice to be able to build a specific version or all the versions related to a module.

      Multi-Project module builds should have the knowledge of versions when deciding what to build, with an option of including specific versions or all versions of an artifactId

      The "-r" reactor option should all directories to be recursed and build multiple projects of the same artifact id, regardless over version.




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