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Doxia move from org.codehaus to org.apache breaks Reporting API Contract.




      I encountered a bug with the XdocSink and XhtmlSink, and worked to fix them.

      In the process I discovered that testing this fix would require changes to the AbstractMavenReporting api in order for it to use the new signature for the moved Classes.

      This signature change will break exising Reporting plugins if it should occur.
      Some mechanism needs to be in place for this transition.

      — (snip #maven) —
      joakime: jvanzyl: uhm. the relocation of doxia breaks the reporting api. wouldn't that kind of change be considered a big deal?
      jvanzyl: not really, nothing we can't fix
      jvanzyl: how does the relocation break the reporting api?
      joakime: sure, but the AbstractMavenReport now has a different signature.
      joakime: that will break older report plugins that used the AbstractMavenReport object with the Sink from codehaus. Switching to apache would require a new AbstractMavenReport wouldn't it?.
      jvanzyl: yup, i guess it would but changes like this don't happen very often
      jvanzyl: we could make an adapter though
      jvanzyl: so not that hard to fix
      joakime: true.
      joakime: ok, this simple fix is turning into a bigger deal, with the reporting api needing to change and such.
      joakime: i'll hold off on that.
      jvanzyl: if that signature is exposed everywhere then that's no good
      joakime: it's part of the AbstractMavenReport.generate(Sink sink, Locale locale) method.
      joakime: and AbstractMavenReport.getSink()
      jvanzyl: crap
      joakime: nod
      joakime: want me to file a jira?
      jvanzyl: sure
      jvanzyl: thx
      joakime: np.
      joakime: would this be a DOXIA or MNG bug?
      jvanzyl: it affects the site plugin really
      jvanzyl: it's the client code that's going to be affected
      jvanzyl: it's not really a problem with doxia
      jvanzyl: we hosed our clients
      joakime: hmm.
      — (/snip #maven) ----


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