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Diacritics (accents) in project path prevent the plugin from working on Windows.


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.7, 2.8
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      My project is located in "E:\Programování\Java\beam-3D-data-viewer". Notice the diacritics in the path.

      When launching the javadoc:javadoc goal, the build fails:
      [ERROR] javadoc: warning - No source files for package org.esa.beam.util
      [ERROR] javadoc: error - No public or protected classes found to document.

      I looked on the generated "options" file, and that's the problem. Windows apparentely don't have their filenames encoded in UTF8 when passing them to the command line, but the options file is saved in UTF8. That's the reason why the plugin cannot find the source files. When I manually edit the file and save it in cp1250 encoding, running javadoc.bat works perfectly.

      This should obviously be fixed, but is there a quick workaround? Eg. a way to alter the generated javadoc.bat to prepend a call to iconv or something else.

      Now I can use the generated files, manually edit the options file, and run the task, but if I want to run the jar goal, this bug makes it impossible.

      Thanks for cooperation!

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