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Install Elasticsearch template as a part of the mpack startup scripts



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      For a Metron multi-node deployment using mpack, the Elasticsearch template is required to be installed manually post-setup. These templates are required for the proper working of, for e.g. the Alerts UI.

      In the event that these templates are not installed, and if data is ingested, these would not be shown in the Alerts UI, since there would be missing fields without the template files (E.g. snort alert indices are not displayed in the Alerts UI, since it is missing the "alerts" field from the mapping). In such a case, one needs to install the templates, delete all indices for the given parser and re-ingest data again into the parser for it to appear in the Alerts UI.

      Further, the indices from all the parsers will have to be deleted and re-ingested again which could be a tedious job in the event that this step was missed out by chance. I have also seen other ill-effects from having stale indices for parsers that was created before template install.

      While documenting the template installation is a good practice, nothing would more failsafe than installing the template as a part of the mpack startup scripts itself.

      Note that this issue would not be seen on vagrant deployments, since the 'load_web_templates' role would trigger the installation automatically.


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