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Improve "picky" framework resource allocation under random sorter.

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    • Type: Improvement
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    • Component/s: allocation


      Picky frameworks are frameworks that are interested in some particular set of resources.
      With the current offer model, such a framework usually keeps declining and filter uninterested offers until accepting an offer that meets its needs.

      While picky frameworks are always prone to performance issues. These frameworks are more likely to experience offer starvation issues under random sorter than the DRF sorter.

      Under DRF sorter, declining offers or Mesos side resource filtering do not affect the framework's dominant resource share. Since other frameworks might get resource allocated at the same time which brings up their shares comparatively, a declined/filtered framework would usually have a higher chance of getting other offers as time goes by (if it keeps declining). This reduces the time such a framework getting what it wants eventually.

      Random sorter, however, is stateless. A decline or filter action has no effect on the chance of a framework getting offers. A framework declining or filtering an offer essentially wastes a shot for nothing. It becomes a truly altruistic act with no perceived gain on the framework side. This makes the random sorter likely to perform poorly compared to DRF in terms of handling picky frameworks.




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