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Mesos CI sometimes, incorrectly, overwrites already-pushed mesos master nightly images with new images built from non-master branches.



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      I pulled image mesos/mesos-centos:master-2019-02-15 some time on the 15th and worked with it locally, on my laptop, for about a week. Part of that work included downloading the related mesos-xxx-devel.rpm from the same CI build that produced the image so that I could build 3rd party mesos modules from the master base image. The rpm was labeled as pre-1.8.0.

      This worked great until I tried to repeat the work on another machine. The other machine pulled the "same" dockerhub image (mesos/mesos-centos:master-2019-02-15) which was somehow built with a mesos-xxx.rpm labeled as pre-1.7.2. I couldn't build my docker image using this strangely new base because the mesos-xxx-devel.rpm I had hardcoded into the dockerfile no longer aligned with the version of the mesos RPM that was shipping in the base image.

      The base image had changed, such that the mesos RPM version went from 1.8.0 to 1.7.2. This should never happen.

      jieyu investigated and found that the problem appears to happen at random. Current thinking is that one of the mesos CI boxes uses a version of git that's too old, and that the CI scripts are incorrectly ignoring a git command failure: the git command fails because the git version is too old, and the script subsequently ignores any failures from the command pipeline in which this command is executed. With the result being that the "version" of the branch being built cannot be detected and therefore defaults to master - overwriting actual master image builds.

      jieyu also wrote some patches, which I'll link here:




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