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GSOC: Improve Mesos Web UI backend to use V1 Operator API



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      This is a project IDEA for Google Summer of Code (GSOC). To discuss this or other ideas with your potential mentor from the Apache Mesos project, sign up and post to the dev@mesos.apache.org list, including "[GSOC]" in the subject. You can also comment this Jira issue if you have an account.

      What is the issue?

      The Mesos UI currently uses unversioned REST endpoints to show data regarding the cluster.

      Best practices would be to use the newer Operator HTTP API instead, but this upgrade requires changes in the backend that have not been done yet.

      Using this new API would allow us in the future to stream the state of the cluster and thus have a more responsive and easily upgradable UI.

      What would you do during your Summer of Code?

      This project would require an upgrade of our current Angular web app to handle new types of requests (e.g. Mesos can answer synchronously or not through the Operator API) and read from endpoints returning different information compared to the old ones.

      This project is also theĀ opportunity to improve the organization of our Angular controllers to have a more straightfoward logic from getting the data to showing it to the users.

      Who will help you?

      If you accept to work on this project, you will be mentored by Armand Grillet and shepherded by Benjamin Mahler.

      Benjamin has maintained the Mesos Web UI for 5 years and I am currently working on improvements to it (more front-end related). We both have a keen interest in improving this Mesos component.




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