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Correct classpath ordering in .classpath




      Currently plugin sorts artifacts on its own (alphabetic order???) because the order of dependencies that comes from maven is not reliable (random?). This breaks tests that use JBoss Embedded which works under maven surefire plugin because it still puts dependencies that came first at the beginning of the classpath). Apparently not all classpath elements are put in random order. At least I get the first ones listed in dependencies also first in the classpath (can be seen as ${surefire.test.class.path} and in target/surefire-reports/TEST-TestSuite.xml).

      While there is not much we can do for maven eclipse plugin a solution is on the way: MNG-1412. When maven 2.0.9 is released maven eclipse plugin can revert back to the default classpath order.

      Can we somehow schedule this?

      Another question: is there anyway to put certain dependencies in the first place except for renaming them so that alphabetic order does the job?


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