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Enable deployment of attached release artifacts if POM is identical

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      In the context of the build of a native application, one might have zip-artifacts containing several DLL or so files like:

      In order to distinguish between platforms, it seems to be recommended to use the classifier:

      If a Maven repository manager is configured to prevent from re-deploying release artifacts (and I believe it should be), it is not possible to deploy attached artifacts when the POM is the same because the POM is deployed twice. The deploy plugin could check that the POM is already deployed and is the same than the local one (modulo platform-dependent line-break concerns, and that's important!), then choose not to deploy it but only the attached artifact.

      In the example above, it could enable to deploy the boost:boost_regex:1.34.1:zip:bin-x86-windows-vc8 artifact from a Windows machine(coming along with a boost:boost_regex:1.34.1:pom artifact), then to deploy the boost:boost_regex:1.34.1:zip:bin-x86-linux2.6-gcc3.3 artifact from a Linux machine (coming along with the same boost:boost_regex:1.34.1:pom artifact, that will not be deployed since it is identical to the first one deployed).

      Maybe this could be generalized to any kind of artifact? If the artifact to deploy is the same, the plugin should not fail and simply skip the deployment of that artifact?

      I post that bug here on a suggestion of Brett Porter (see the MRM-1357 bug) since it is quite unclear to me whether it is a MRM or deploy plugin concern.

      That bug might also be related to:


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