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Use GAV from specified pomFIle but not deploy the pom



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    • Windows XP
      Sun Java JDK 1.6.0_18
      Maven 3.0-alpha6


      For or MRM (Nexus) we have redeployment turned off. When deploying a lot of 3rd party artifacts to it, we do that by a script using the deploy-file goal. This works just fine for the jar artifact, but when the artifact is just a pom or when also trying to deploying a sources artifact, we want to use GAV from a specified pom. However, deploy-file will then also try to deploy the pom which makes the plugin fail as redeployment is turned off.

      I'll explain through a simple example:
      We have a pom artifact that we want to deploy. We do that like this:
      mvn deploy:deploy-file -Dfile=abc.pom -DpomFile=abc.pom -DrepositoryId=... -Durl=...

      We want to use GAV from the POM and not specify that through params. Otherwise we need to parse the pom for that info, which is difficult in Windows.

      What happens is that the pom artifact deploys fine, but then plugin also tries to deploy the pom which then fails as reployment is turned off in the repo. This makes it very hard to see if the script executes ok or not.


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