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MapReduce Input Path Should Ignore Path Ends With '/*' When Job Submit



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      We have a public and shared hadoop cluster that runs so many MR job from different department.


      I found that job submission very slow once the input path of the job set to a path ends with "/*", like "/my/path/*", but "/my/path" or "/my/path/" works fine.


      After read the code. I think the problem lies in the process of splits calculation.


      FileInputFormat#singleThreadedListStatus() method get a array of FileStatus first. If the input path ends with "/*", and the result is all file/directory FileStatus object in the input path. But only one FileStatus object(the input path) if the input path not ends with "/*".


      The next step is find the LocatedFileStatus of each FileStatus object. so, only the directory FileStatus do searching the LocatedFileStatus(dfs.listPaths(), batch).


      Finally, when calculate job split like FileInputFormat#getSplits() method. If the FileStatus is not LocatedFileStatus object, then use fs.getFileBlockLocations() method to fetch. Which could lead a lot of RPC requests when many files in the input path. CombineFileInputFormat do this also in the construction method of OneFileInfo.


      So, in this case, some job take a few minutes/hours to submit.


      I tried to remove the suffix of the input path that ends with "/*" before the code that get file status, but I don't confirm if this will cause other problems.


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