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JobHistoryServer should not fail when encountering a missing directory



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      The JobHistoryServer maintains a cache of job serial number parts to dfs paths which it uses when seeking a job it no longer has in its memory cache, multiple directories for a given serial number differentiated by time stamp. At present the jobhistory server will fail any time it attempts to find a job in a directory which no longer exists based on that cache - even though the job may well exist in a different directory for the serial number. Typically this is not an issue, but the history cleanup process removes the directory from dfs before removing it from the cache which leaves a window of time where a directory may be missing from dfs which is present in the cache, resulting in failure. For some dfs's it appears that the top level directory may become unavailable some time before the full deletion of the tree completes which extends what might otherwise be a brief period of failure to a more extended period. Further, this also places the service at the mercy of outside processes which might remove those directories. The proposal is simply to make the server resistant to this state such that encountering this missing directory is not fatal and the process will continue on to seek it elsewhere.


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