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Hadoop 2.x MapReduce Job Counter Data Local Maps Lower than Hadoop 1.x




      I run the MapReduce job at 400+ node of cluster based on Hadoop 2.4.0 confined scheduer is FairScheduer and I noticed Job Counter of Data-Local is much lower than Hadoop 1.x

      Such as these situations:
      Hadoop 1.x Data-local 99% Rack-Local 1%
      Hadoop 2.4.0 Data-Local 75% Rack-Local 25%

      So I looked up the source code of Hadoop 2.4.0 MRAppMaster and YARN-FairScheduer,there are some situations that may lead to this kind of problem.

      We know MRAppMaster builds the Map of Priority->ResourceNamer->Capacity->RemoteRequest->NumContainer

      Too many containers are assigned to MRAppMaster from FairScheduler

      MRAppMaster addContainerReq() and assignContainer() have changed NumContainer which will send RemoteRequest to FairScheduler, and the FairScheduler will reset value of NumContainer by the MRAppMaster’s heartbeat, but FairScheduler set NumContainer itself when handle NODE_UPDATE event , So if the heartbeat of MRAppMaster’s NumContainer next time is bigger than FairScheduler’s NumContainer,the extra container is redundant for MRAppMaster,and MRAppMaster will assign this container to Rack-Local because no task is needed on this container’s host now

      Besides, when one task requires more than one host, it will also cause this problem.

      So the conclusion is the FairScheduler’s NumConainer is reset by MRAppMaster’s heartbeat and handle NODE_UPDATE event , both of MRAppMaster’s and NODE_UPDATE are async logic

      I found properties of FairScheduler’s config there are

      and I’m confused that FairScheuler assignContainer() should be invoked app.addSchedulingOpportunity(priority) after NODE_LOCAL assigned logic . but now is opposite ,
      means the application have chance to assign a container is opportunity will increment , and when the application missed node of NODE_LOCAL opportunity is great than locality.threshold.node most time ,so those properties is useless for me .
      And if AppMaster sends no RemoteRequest.ANY at the same priority request , the Scheudler will get NPE ,and the ResourceManager will exit immediately

      see this

      public synchronized int getTotalRequiredResources(Priority) {
      return getResourceRequest(priority,RMNode.ANY).getNumContainers();
      Anyone has ideas for those issues please comment.




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