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Fair scheduler should allow peremption on reducer only



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      Fair scheduler is very good.
      But having a big MR job running lots of mapper and reducer( 10M + 10R )
      Then a small MR on the same pool (1M + 1R)
      having slots for 10 mapper and 10 reducer

      • The big job take all the map slots
      • The small job wait for a map slot
      • 1rst big job map task finish
      • the small job take the map slot it needs
      • meanwhile all the reducer of the big job take all the reducer slot to copy and sort
      • the small job end is map and wait for the all maps to end and for 1 reducer to end before accessing for a reducer slot.
      • all the reducer stalled after sorting waiting for the mapper to end one by one...

      If I have a big job and a lot of small, I don't want new small arriving and killing running map tasks of big job to get a slot.

      I think it could be useful that the small job can kill a reducer tasks (and only reducer) to end before the big job finish all its map tasks and a reducer.

      rules can be : a job having all its map finished and waiting for reducer slot can kill reducer tasks from a job that still have map slot running (assuming they are just waiting for copy and sort)




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