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Add HTTPS for WebUIs on Branch-1



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      After investigating the methodology used to add HTTPS support in branch-2, I feel that this same approach should be back-ported to branch-1. I have taken many of the patches used for branch-2 and merged them in.

      I was working on top of HDP 1 at the time - I will provide a patch for trunk soon once I can confirm I am adding only the necessities for supporting HTTPS on the webUIs.

      As an added benefit – this patch actually provides HTTPS webUI to HBase by extension. If you take a hadoop-core jar compiled with this patch and put it into the hbase/lib directory and apply the necessary configs to hbase/conf.

      ========= OLD IDEA(s) BEHIND ADDING HTTPS (look @ Sept 17th patch) ==========

      In order to provide full security around the cluster, the webUI should also be secure if desired to prevent cookie theft and user masquerading.

      Here is my proposed work. Currently I can only add HTTPS support. I do not know how to switch reliance of the HttpServer from HTTP to HTTPS fully.

      In order to facilitate this change I propose the following configuration additions:
      mapred.https.enable -> false
      mapred.https.need.client.auth -> false
      mapred.https.server.keystore.resource -> "ssl-server.xml"
      mapred.job.tracker.https.port -> 50035
      mapred.job.tracker.https.address -> "<IP_ADDR>:50035"
      mapred.task.tracker.https.port -> 50065
      mapred.task.tracker.https.address -> "<IP_ADDR>:50065"

      I tested this on my local box after using keytool to generate a SSL certficate. You will need to change ssl-server.xml to point to the .keystore file after. Truststore may not be necessary; you can just point it to the keystore.


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