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      Yonik has ported an implementation of MurmurHash 3.0 and put it in the public domain:

      It's a port of which says:

      (I reserve the right to tweak the constants after people have had a chance to bang on it). Murmur3 has better performance than MurmurHash2, no repetition flaw, comes in 32/64/128-bit versions for both x86 and x64 platforms, and the 128-bit x64 version is blazing fast - over 5 gigabytes per second on my 3 gigahertz Core 2.

      In addition, the library of test code that I use to test MurmurHash (called SMHasher) has been released - it's still rough (and will only compile under VC++ at the moment), but it contains everything needed to verify hash functions of arbitrary output bit-lengths.

      Murmur3 and all future versions will be hosted on Google Code here - - you can access the codebase via the 'Source' tab at the top.

      See also

      We should add support for it and hook into MinHash

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