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Map/Reduce Implementation of Document Vectorizer



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      Current Vectorizer uses Lucene Index to convert documents into SparseVectors
      Ted is working on a Hash based Vectorizer which can map features into Vectors of fixed size and sum it up to get the document Vector
      This is a pure bag-of-words based Vectorizer written in Map/Reduce.

      The input document is in SequenceFile<Text,Text> . with key = docid, value = content
      First Map/Reduce over the document collection and generate the feature counts.
      Second Sequential pass reads the output of the map/reduce and converts them to SequenceFile<Text, LongWritable> where key=feature, value = unique id
      Second stage should create shards of features of a given split size
      Third Map/Reduce over the document collection, using each shard and create Partial(containing the features of the given shard) SparseVectors
      Fourth Map/Reduce over partial shard, group by docid, create full document Vector


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