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Embrace interoperability with other softwares


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      This is an open issue. It is related with all possible components existing or to born in the future.

      ML or DM models normally have two phases: training and scoring (or predicting). If we agree "updating" is an independent one, we will have 3 phases.

      There are many softwares about ML/DM outside. We want the users of Mahout be able to import models got built from other software here, update them and/or use them for scoring. To achieve this goal, we need to recognize the commonly used formats.

      Besides, users may choose Mahout because Mahout is speedy in learning. After a model is ready, they may export the model trained, view it with some visualization tool, or import it into other software or application for scoring (or predicting). In this case, exporting into widely recognized format is expected.

      Finally, I want to say that the importing and exporting will not influence the ongoing projects, so developers of other components need not worry about this.


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