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"Potpourri": a collection of small possible bugs and improvements



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      I call this issue "Potpourri". It's a number of small items batched together that didn't seem worth an issue on their own.

      1. DenseVector.NonZeroIterator
      This doesn't seem to work, exactly, as per the Iterator contract. next() doesn't advance the iterator; hasNext() does. A normal series of calls to these might get the right effect, but this seems wrong. See proposed fix.

      2. next() and NoSuchElementException
      Iterators need to throw this appropriately – see changes

      3. DistanceMeasure.distance(double[] p1, double[] p2)
      Looks like subclasses are kinda trying to treat this as a method to be overridden/implemented. I changed to make it so. Am I mistaken and this is on the way out or something? in which case, removable?

      4. Subtraction in compareTo()
      Check out IntPairWritable. It does the sensible thing and tries to return the difference of two ints to satisfy the compareTo() contract. This works until the subtraction overflows.

      5. Comparators and Serializable
      Super tiny point. Comparators ought to implement Serializable

      6. Double literals
      Another super tiny point: suggest we write double literals in canonical form. "1" is an int; "1.0" is a double (though the former will be widened – might as well write what's meant. Likewise "1.0f" is a float but "1.0" is not. Also suggest that "1.0E-5" is better than "1E-5" for doubles.

      7. compareTo() and equals()
      equals() needs to be overridden when compareTo() is. and hashCode() needs to be there when equals() is. Looking at LDAPrintTopics.StringDoublePair

      8. Redundant braces
      Finally like I mentioned, we should't do...
      for (...) {

      { ... }



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