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Implement Latent Dirichlet Allocation



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      (For GSoC)


      Latent Dirichlet Allocation (Blei et al, 2003) is a powerful learning
      algorithm for automatically and jointly clustering words into "topics"
      and documents into mixtures of topics, and it has been successfully
      applied to model change in scientific fields over time (Griffiths and
      Steyver, 2004; Hall, et al. 2008). In this project, I propose to
      implement a distributed variant of Latent Dirichlet Allocation using
      MapReduce, and, time permitting, to investigate extensions of LDA and
      possibly more efficient algorithms for distributed inference.

      Detailed Description:

      A topic model is, roughly, a hierarchical Bayesian model that
      associates with each document a probability distribution over
      "topics", which are in turn distributions over words. For instance, a
      topic in a collection of newswire might include words about "sports",
      such as "baseball", "home run", "player", and a document about steroid
      use in baseball might include "sports", "drugs", and "politics". Note
      that the labels "sports", "drugs", and "politics", are post-hoc labels
      assigned by a human, and that the algorithm itself only assigns
      associate words with probabilities. The task of parameter estimation
      in these models is to learn both what these topics are, and which
      documents employ them in what proportions.

      One of the promises of unsupervised learning algorithms like Latent
      Dirichlet Allocation (LDA; Blei et al, 2003) is the ability to take a
      massive collections of documents and condense them down into a
      collection of easily understandable topics. However, all available
      open source implementations of LDA and related topics models are not
      distributed, which hampers their utility. This project seeks to
      correct this shortcoming.

      In the literature, there have been several proposals for paralellzing
      LDA. Newman, et al (2007) proposed to create an "approximate" LDA in
      which each processors gets its own subset of the documents to run
      Gibbs sampling over. However, Gibbs sampling is slow and stochastic by
      its very nature, which is not advantageous for repeated runs. Instead,
      I propose to follow Nallapati, et al. (2007) and use a variational
      approximation that is fast and non-random.


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      the History of Ideas Using Topic Models. EMNLP, Honolulu, 2008.

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      large datasets. ICML, 2008.


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