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Performance improvement in recommenditembased by splitting long records


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      While running the recommendations with ASFEMail dataset using the example script provided with mahout, we are noticing that one of the map task in unsymmetrify mapper job has a very long execution time than others. While profiling, the problem seems to be with the number of elements in each record. The attached patch address this issue by splitting longer records into smaller once, so the data distributed evenly among the unsymmetrify map tasks.

      There is a new command line option maxSimilarityReducerVectorSize is introduced for RecommanderJob. Tested with maxSimilarityReducerVectorSize=5000 and with same functionality speeds up unsymmetrify mapper job by several X on x86 architectures and increases CPU utilization. By default the records are not split and setting the command line option maxSimilarityReducerVectorSize to a value greater than 0 will increase performance.

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