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Format code automatically and enforce it


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      This is a trivial change but a bold move. And I'm sure it's not for everyone.

      I started using google java format [1] in my projects a while ago and have never looked back since. It is an oracle-style formatter (doesn't allow customizations or deviations from the defined 'ideal') - this takes some getting used to - but it also eliminates all the potential differences between IDEs, configs, etc. And the formatted code typically looks much better than hand-edited one. It is also verifiable on precommit (so you can't commit code that deviates from what you'd get from automated formatting output).

      The biggest benefit I see is that refactorings become such a joy and keep the code neat, everywhere. Before you commit you just reformat everything automatically, no matter how much you messed it up.

      This isn't a change for everyone. I myself love hand-edited, neat code... but the reality is that with IDE support for automated code changes and so many people with different styles working on the same codebase keeping it neat is a big pain.

      Checkstyle and other tools are fine for ensuring certain rules but they don't take the burden of formatting off your shoulders. This tool does.

      Like I said - I had great reservations about using it at the beginning but over time got so used to it that I almost can't live without it now. It's like magic - you play with the code in any way you like, then run formatting and it's nice and neat.

      The downside is that automated formatting does imply potential merge problems in backward patches (or any currently existing branches).

      Like I said, it is a bold move. Just throwing this for your consideration.

      I've added a PR that adds spotless but it's not ready; some files would have to be excluded as they currently violate header rules.

      A more interesting thing is here where the current code is automatically reformatted - this branch is for eyeballing only.


      [1] https://google.github.io/styleguide/javaguide.html


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