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Improve indexing performance by increasing internal buffer sizes


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      In working on LUCENE-843, I noticed that two buffer sizes have a
      substantial impact on overall indexing performance.

      First is BufferedIndexOutput.BUFFER_SIZE (also used by
      BufferedIndexInput). Second is CompoundFileWriter's buffer used to
      actually build the compound file. Both are now 1 KB (1024 bytes).

      I ran the same indexing test I'm using for LUCENE-843. I'm indexing
      ~5,500 byte plain text docs derived from the Europarl corpus
      (English). I index 200,000 docs with compound file enabled and term
      vector positions & offsets stored plus stored fields. I flush
      documents at 16 MB RAM usage, and I set maxBufferedDocs carefully to
      not hit LUCENE-845. The resulting index is 1.7 GB. The index is not
      optimized in the end and I left mergeFactor @ 10.

      I ran the tests on a quad-core OS X 10 machine with 4-drive RAID 0 IO

      At 1 KB (current Lucene trunk) it takes 622 sec to build the index; if
      I increase both buffers to 8 KB it takes 554 sec to build the index,
      which is an 11% overall gain!

      I will run more tests to see if there is a natural knee in the curve
      (buffer size above which we don't really gain much more performance).

      I'm guessing we should leave BufferedIndexInput's default BUFFER_SIZE
      at 1024, at least for now. During searching there can be quite a few
      of this class instantiated, and likely a larger buffer size for the
      freq/prox streams could actually hurt search performance for those
      searches that use skipping.

      The CompoundFileWriter buffer is created only briefly, so I think we
      can use a fairly large (32 KB?) buffer there. And there should not be
      too many BufferedIndexOutputs alive at once so I think a large-ish
      buffer (16 KB?) should be OK.


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