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Code Cleanup: Rewrite StringBuilder.append with concatted strings


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      EDIT: Again, to clarify, please don't bother yourself with this ticket on company time, on personal time you could be working on something that makes you money or improves the product for your feature personally.


      This entire ticket is an afterthough. A look back at the code base that most people don't have the time for.



      Code cleanup as suggested by static analysis tools. Will be done in my spare time.

      If someone reviews this, please also do not take up actual time from your work to do that. I do not wish to take away from your working hours.


      These are simple, trivial things, that were probably overlooked or not even considered(which isn't an accusation or something negative). But also stuff that the Java compiler/JIT won't optimize on its own.


      That's what static analysis tool are good for: picking stuff like that up.


      I'm talking about Intellij's static code analysis. Facebook's "Infer" for Java. Google's "errorprone", etc...

      These are the kinds of things that, frankly, for the people actually working on real features, are very time consuming, not even part of the feature, and have a very low chance of actually turning up a real performance issue.

      So I'm opting to have a look at the results of these tools and implementing the sensible stuff and if something bigger pops up I'll make a separate ticket for those things individually.


      Creating this ticket so I can name a branch after it.


      The only questions I have are: since the code base is so large, do I apply each subject to all parts of it? Or only core? How do I split it up?

      Do I make multiple PRs with this one ticket? Or do I make multiple tickets and give each their own PR?


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