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Complete overhaul of FieldCache API/Implementation


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    • Fix Version/s: 4.9, Trunk
    • Component/s: core/search
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      1) Complete overhaul the API/implementation of "FieldCache" type things...
      a) eliminate global static map keyed on IndexReader (thus
      eliminating synch block between completley independent IndexReaders)
      b) allow more customization of cache management (ie: use
      expiration/replacement strategies, disk backed caches, etc)
      c) allow people to define custom cache data logic (ie: custom
      parsers, complex datatypes, etc... anything tied to a reader)
      d) allow people to inspect what's in a cache (list of CacheKeys) for
      an IndexReader so a new IndexReader can be likewise warmed.
      e) Lend support for smarter cache management if/when
      IndexReader.reopen is added (merging of cached data from subReaders).
      2) Provide backwards compatibility to support existing FieldCache API with
      the new implementation, so there is no redundent caching as client code
      migrades to new API.

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        Robert Newson
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        Mark Miller
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        Hoss Man
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        Hoss Man
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        Mark Miller
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        Mark Miller
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        Uwe Schindler

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