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Lucene fails to close file handles under certain situations


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      As a followon to LUCENE-820, I've added a further check in
      MockRAMDirectory to assert that there are no open files when the
      directory is closed.

      That check caused a few unit tests to fail, and in digging into the
      reason I uncovered these cases where Lucene fails to close file

      • TermInfosReader.close() was setting its ThreadLocal enumerators to
        null without first closing the SegmentTermEnum in there. It looks
        like this was part of the fix for LUCENE-436. I just added the
        call to close.

      This is somewhat severe since we could leak many file handles for
      use cases that burn through threads and/or indexes. Though,
      FSIndexInput does have a finalize() to close itself.

      • Flushing of deletes in IndexWriter opens SegmentReader to do the
        flushing, and it correctly calls close() to close the reader. But
        if an exception is hit during commit and before actually closing,
        it will leave open those handles. I fixed this first calling
        doCommit() and then doClose() in a finally. The "disk full" tests
        we now have were hitting this.
      • IndexWriter's addIndexes(IndexReader[]) method was opening a
        reader but not closing it with a try/finally. I just put a
        try/finally in.

      I've also changed some unit tests to use MockRAMDirectory instead of
      RAMDirectory to increase testing coverage of "leaking open file


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