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Extend Geoshape interfaces so objects can be copied/serialized


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      Hi David Wright,

      I would like to propose to extends the GeoShape interfaces to be able to copy/serialized the objects. The current status and propose change is as following:

      GeoPoint: It can be serialized by using x, y, z
      GeoCircle: It can be serialized by using getCenter() and getRadius() and getPlanetModel()
      GeoCompositeShape: It can be serialized by accesing shapes using size() and GetShape(int index)
      GeoPath: add methods to the interface getPoints() and getCutoffAngle()
      GeoPolygon: This is the most complicated one as we have different types:
      1.- GeoCompositePolygon is just a composite
      2.- GeoConcavePolygon and GeoConvexPolygon: Create a new interface for those polygons which exposes the points, holes, internaledges and concavity/convexity
      3.- GeoComplexPolygons: Do nothing, they are too complex to be serialize??

      I am intersested in accesing the discreatization of the polygons into convex and concave ones for other reasons as well. I think this should be expose as they end result can be used for other use cases.




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