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Classic, flexible, and Solr's standard/"lucene" query parsers: range queries should require " TO ", and accept TO as range endpoints


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      A post on the solr-user mailing list drew my attention to the fact that this is apparently a valid range query under the QueryParser.jj grammer (both for the classic parser and the solr variant – i didn't check flexible)...

      [x z]       // parsed the same as [x TO z]

      it's parsed as a valid range query even though there is no {{ TO }} – even though there is nothing in the docs to suggest that the {{ TO }} is intended to be optional.

      Furthermore, in my experimenting i realized that how the grammer looks for the {{ TO }} keyword seems to be a bit sloppy, making some range queries that should be easy to validate (because they are unambiguous) fail to parse...

      [TO TO z]     // fails
      [a TO TO]     // fails
      [a TO "TO"]   // works, but why should quoting be neccessary here?

      If the "sloppy" parsing behavior is intentional, then the docs should reflect that the {{ TO }} is optional – but it seems like in general we should make these other unambiguous cases parse cleanly.


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