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Deprecate "create" method in FSDirectory.getDirectory in favor of IndexWriter's "create"



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      It's confusing that there is a create=true|false at the FSDirectory
      level and then also another create=true|false at the IndexWriter
      level. Which one should you use when creating an index?

      Our users have been confused by this in the past:


      I think in general we should try to have one obvious way to achieve
      something (like Python: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Python_philosophy).

      And the fact that there are now two code paths that are supposed to do
      the same (similar?) thing, can more easily lead to sneaky bugs. One
      case of LUCENE-140 (already fixed in trunk but not past releases),
      which inspired this issue, can happen if you send create=false to the
      FSDirectory and create=true to the IndexWriter.

      Finally, as of lockless commits, it is now possible to open an
      existing index for "create" while readers are still using the old
      "point in time" index, on Windows. (At least one user had tried this
      previously and failed). To do this, we use the IndexFileDeleter class
      (which retries on failure) and we also look at the segments file to
      determine the next segments_N file to write to.

      With future issues like LUCENE-710 even more "smarts" may be required
      to know what it takes to "create" a new index into an existing
      directory. Given that we have have quite a few Directory
      implemenations, I think these "smarts" logically should live in
      IndexWriter (not replicated in each Directory implementation), and we
      should leave the Directory as an interface that knows how to make
      changes to some backing store but does not itself try to make any




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