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Change default write lock file location to index directory (not java.io.tmpdir)


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      Now that readers are read-only, we no longer need to store lock files
      in a different global lock directory than the index directory. This
      has been a source of confusion and caused problems to users in the

      Furthermore, once the write lock is stored in the index directory, it
      no longer needs the big digest prefix that was previously required
      to make sure lock files in the global lock directory, from different
      indexes, did not conflict.

      This way, all files related to an index will appear in a single
      directory. And you can easily list that directory to see if a
      "write.lock" is present to check whether a writer is open on the

      Note that this change just affects how FSDirectory creates its default
      lockFactory if no lockFactory was specified. It is still possible
      (just no longer the default) to pick a different directory to store
      your lock files by pre-instantiating your own LockFactory.

      As part of this I would like to remove LOCK_DIR and the no-argument
      constructor, in SimpleFSLockFactory and NativeFSLockFactory. I don't
      think we should have the notion of a global default lock directory
      anymore. This is actually an API change. However, neither
      SimpleFSLockFactory nor NativeFSLockFactory haver been released yet,
      so I think this API removal is allowed?

      Finally I want to deprecate (but not yet remove, because this has been
      in the API for many releases) the static LOCK_DIR that's in
      FSDirectory. But it's now entirely unused.

      See here for discussion leading to this:





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