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Move throughput control and merge aborting out of IndexWriter's core?


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      Here is a bit of a background:

      • I wanted to implement a custom merging strategy that would have a custom i/o flow control (global),
      • currently, the CMS is tightly coupled with a few classes – MergeRateLimiter, OneMerge, IndexWriter.

      Looking at the code it seems to me that everything with respect to I/O control could be nicely pulled out into classes that explicitly control the merging process, that is only MergePolicy and MergeScheduler. By default, one could even run without any additional I/O accounting overhead (which is currently in there, even if one doesn't use the CMS's throughput control).

      Such refactoring would also give a chance to nicely move things where they belong – job aborting into OneMerge (currently in RateLimiter), rate limiter lifecycle bound to OneMerge (MergeScheduler could then use per-merge or global accounting, as it pleases).

      Just a thought and some initial refactorings for discussion.


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