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Add a PatternTokenizer that uses Lucene's RegExp implementation


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      I think there are some nice benefits to a version of PatternTokenizer that uses Lucene's RegExp impl instead of the JDK's:

      • Lucene's RegExp is compiled to a DFA up front, so if a "too hard" RegExp is attempted the user discovers it up front instead of later on when a "lucky" document arrives
      • It processes the incoming characters as a stream, only pulling 128 characters at a time, vs the existing PatternTokenizer which currently reads the entire string up front (this has caused heap problems in the past)
      • It should be fast.

      I named it SimplePatternTokenizer, and it still needs a factory and improved tests, but I think it's otherwise close.

      It currently does not take a group parameter because Lucene's RegExps don't yet implement sub group capture. I think we could add that at some point, but it's a bit tricky.

      This doesn't even have group=-1 support (like String.split) ... I think if we did that we should maybe name it differently (SimplePatternSplitTokenizer?).


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