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Sloppy Phrase Scorer matches the doc "A B C D E" for query = "B C B"~2


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      This is an extension of https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LUCENE-697

      In addition to abnormalities Yonik pointed out in 697, there seem to be other issues with slopy phrase search and scoring.

      1) A phrase with a repeated word would be detected in a document although it is not there.
      I.e. document = A B D C E , query = "B C B" would not find this document (as expected), but query "B C B"~2 would find it.
      I think that no matter how large the slop is, this document should not be a match.

      2) A document containing both orders of a query, symmetrically, would score differently for the queru and for its reveresed form.
      I.e. document = A B C B A would score differently for queries "B C"~2 and "C B"~2, although it is symmetric to both.

      I will attach test cases that show both these problems and the one reported by Yonik in 697.


        1. sloppy_phrase.patch3.txt
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          Doron Cohen
        2. sloppy_phrase.patch3.txt
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          Doron Cohen
        3. sloppy_phrase.patch2.txt
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          Doron Cohen
        4. sloppy_phrase_tests.patch.txt
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          Doron Cohen
        5. sloppy_phrase_java.patch.txt
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          Doron Cohen
        6. res-search-orig2.log
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          Doron Cohen
        7. res-search-new2.log
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          Doron Cohen
        8. perf-search-orig.log
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          Doron Cohen
        9. perf-search-new.log
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          Doron Cohen

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