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checkJavaDocs.py mis-chunks javadocs HTML and then wrongly reports imbalanced tags


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      Spin-off from SOLR-9107, where hossman wrote:

      but as things stand with this patch, precommit currently complains about malformed javadocs...

           [echo] Checking for malformed docs...
           [exec] /home/hossman/lucene/dev/solr/build/docs/solr-test-framework/org/apache/solr/util/RandomizeSSL.html
           [exec]   broken details HTML: Field Detail: reason: saw closing "</ul>" without opening <ul...>
           [exec]   broken details HTML: Field Detail: ssl: saw closing "</ul>" without opening <ul...>
           [exec]   broken details HTML: Field Detail: clientAuth: saw closing "</ul>" without opening <ul...>

      ...but i can't really understand why. The <ul> tags look balanced to me, and tidy -output /dev/null .../RandomizeSSL.html concurs that "No warnings or errors were found." I thought maybe the problem was related to some of the @see tags in the docs for these attributes, but even if i completley remove the javadocs the same validation errors occur.

      When I modify checkJavaDocs.py to print out the offending chunk of HTML, here's what I see for the first of the above:

        broken details HTML: Field Detail: reason: saw closing "</ul>" without opening <ul...> in:
      <ul><pre>public abstract&nbsp;<a href="https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/lang/String.html?is-external=true" title="class or interface in java.lang">String</a>&nbsp;reason</pre>
      <div class="block">Comment to inlcude when logging details of SSL randomization</div>
      <ul class="blockList">
      <li class="blockList"><a name="ssl--">
      <!--   -->
      <ul class="blockList">
      <li class="blockList">

      So the chunking that's happening here isn't aligning with the detail HTML for methods, fields etc. - it doesn't start early enough and ends too late.

      Furthormore, I can see that the chunking procedure ignores the final item in an HTML file (the stuff after the last <h4>) - if I insert trash after the final <h4>, but within the javadocs for the corresponding final detail item in the HTML file, the current implementation ignores the problem.


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