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Cleanup jira's concept of 'master' and '6.0'



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      Jira's concept of "Fix Version: master" is currently screwed up, as noted & discussed in this mailing list thread...


      The current best plan of attack (summary) is:

      • use Jira's "Merge Versions" feature to merge master into 6.0
      • add a new master (7.0) to use moving forward
      • manually audit/fix the fixVersion of some clean up issues as needed.

      I'm using this issue to track this work.

      Detailed Check list of planned steps:

      • S1: Generate a CSV report listing all resolved/closed Jira's with 'fixVersion=master AND fixVersion=6.1'
      • S2: Generate two CSV reports containing all issues that match these 2 queries for fixVersion=master and fixVersion=6.0
      • S3: Use Jira's "Merge Versions" feature to merge "master" into "6.0"
        • This needs to be done distinctly for both LUCENE and SOLR
      • S4: Add a new "master (7.0)" version to Jira
        • This needs to be done distinctly for both LUCENE and SOLR
      • S5: audit every issue in the CSV file from S1 above to determine if/when the issue should get fixVersion="master (7.0)" added to it or fixVersion="6.0" removed from it:
        • if it only ever had commits to master (ie: before branch_6x was made on March 2nd) then no action needed.
        • if it has distinct commits to both master after branch_6x was made on March 2nd, then fixVersion="master (7.0)" should definitely be added.
        • if it has no commits to branch_6_0, and the only commits to branch_6x are after branch_6_0 was created on March 3rd, then fixVersion="6.0" should be removed.
        • if there are no obvious commits in the issue comments, then sanity check why it has any fixVersion at all (can't reproduce? dup? etc...)
      • S6: Audit CHANGES.txt & git commits and replace fixVersion=6.0 with fixVersion="master (7.0)" on the handful of issues where appropriate in case they fell through the cracks in S5:
        • Look at the 7.0 section of lucene/CHANGES.txt & solr/CHANGES.txt for new features
          • currently only 1 jira mentioned in either files in 7.0 section
        • Use git co releases/lucene-solr/6.0.0 && git cherry -v master | egrep '^+' to find changesets on master that were not included in 6.0
          • currently ~40 commits
        • before removing fixVersion=6.0 from any of these issues, sanity check if this is a deprecation type situation (involving diff commits in both 6.0 and master) in which case fixVersion="master (7.0)" should be added in addition to fixVersion=6.0


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