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possible build.xml addition to ensure 1.4 class compatibility



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      As encountered recently, setting the "source" and "target" values for the java compiler don't acctually test that the classes/methods are 1.4 compatible – just that the language syntax/features are...


      ...i've come up with one possible solution, that's really feels like a hack, but i wanted to throw it out here for comment, in a nutshell:
      1) we support a new optional javac.bootclasspath property indicating with path the
      compiler should use.
      2) people compiling with 1.4 can ignore that property
      3) anyone who has a 1.5 compiler by default, can set this proprety to point at a 1.4 copy
      of the rt.jar – which is not inlcuded (users would need to install it themselves)
      4) as part of the "init" target the build file will attempt to compile a java class that is
      syntactically correct in java 1.4, but utilizes a method only available in 1.5 ... if this
      class compiles cleanly, the task will fail.
      5) java 1.5 users that aren't concerned about submitting compatible patches back to
      the comunity and don't want to hassle with a 1.4 version of rt.jar, can set
      a"javac.trustbootclasspath" and go about their merry way.

      The main idea here being that if someone has both JVMs installed and accidently uses the wrong one to test something before submitting a patch or committing, their build will either fail with a helpful message, or compile against the correct set of core classes anyway if they've done a small amount of setup.

      Caveats to commiting this:
      a) it's a hack, so i don't wnat to commit unless multiple people like it
      b) at the moment, all "successful" ant executions print a confusing compiler error as right
      off the bat, it would be better if we could supress that somehow.
      c) the BUILD.txt should be updated accordingly.


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