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Make BaseGeoPointTestCase more debuggable



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      This class tests queries (boxes, circles, polygons) against indexed documents and fails if the query is wrong.

      Unfortunately it can be hard to debug (depending which test method failed, if it was NIGHTLY, etc).

      It is making issues challenging/slower to debug for me on LUCENE-7185. In general i have found debugging geo related issues is difficult, we should invest more time to make this easier.

      I think we want to display:
      1) original item (e.g. Rectangle, radius, polygon)
      2) query.toString() <-- can be different in important ways!
      3) how many total documents were wrong
      4) info on up to N (say 5) wrong documents:
      ID (not lucene docid) of doc.
      Lat/Lon location(s) of doc
      any relevant metric such as distance from origin
      5) GeoTestUtil.toWebGLEarth output of html to visualize those N wrong documents, the query itself, any additional stuff like bounding box that might be useful plotted too.

      I think the wrong documents we should try for one-line (rather than many) and we don't need to print stuff like deleted=false since these queries don't do anything sneaky here around that.




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