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Graduate GeoUtils and postings based GeoPointField from sandbox...


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      GeoPointField is a lightweight dependency-free postings based geo field currently in sandbox. It has evolved into a very fast lightweight geo option that heavily leverages the optimized performance of the postings structure. It was originally intended to graduate to core but this does not seem appropriate given the variety of "built on postings" term encoding options (e.g., see LUCENE-6930).

      Additionally, the Geo*Utils classes are dependency free lightweight relational approximation utilities used by both GeoPointField and the BKD based LatLonField and can also be applied to benefit the lucene-spatial module.

      These classes have been evolving and baking for some time and are at a maturity level qualifying for promotion from sandbox. This will allow support for experimental encoding methods with (minimal) backwards compatibility - something sandbox does not allow.

      Since GeoPoint classes are dependency free, all GeoPointField and support and utility classes currently in sandbox would be promoted to the spatial3d package. (possibly a separate issue to rename spatial3d to spatialcore or spatiallite?) Such that for basic lightweight Geo support one would only need a handful of lucene jars. By simply adding the lucene-spatial module and its dependency jars users can obtain more advanced geospatial support (heatmap facets, full shape relations, etc).


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