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[PATCH] LockFactory implementation based on OS native locks (java.nio.*)


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      The current default locking for FSDirectory is SimpleFSLockFactory.
      It uses java.io.File.createNewFile for its locking, which has this
      spooky warning in Sun's javadocs:

      Note: this method should not be used for file-locking, as the
      resulting protocol cannot be made to work reliably. The FileLock
      facility should be used instead.

      So, this patch provides a LockFactory implementation based on FileLock
      (using java.nio.*).

      All unit tests pass with this patch, on OS X (10.4.8), Linux (Ubuntu
      6.06), and Windows XP SP2.

      Another benefit of native locks is the OS automatically frees them if
      the JVM exits before Lucene can free its locks. Many people seem to
      hit this (old lock files still on disk) now.

      I've created this new class:


      and added a couple test cases to the existing TestLockFactory.

      I've left SimpleFSLockFactory as the default locking for FSDirectory
      for now. I think we should get some usage / experience with
      NativeFSLockFactory and then later on make it the default locking

      I also tested changing FSDirectory's default locking to
      NativeFSLockFactory and all unit tests still pass (on the above

      One important note about locking over NFS: some NFS servers and/or
      clients do not support it, or, it's a configuration option or mode
      that must be explicitly enabled. When it's misconfigured it's able to
      take a long time (35 seconds in my case) before throwing an exception.
      To handle this, I acquire & release a random test lock on creating the
      NativeFSLockFactory to verify locking is configured properly.

      A few other small changes in the patch:

      • Added a "failure reason" to Lock.java so that in
        obtain(lockWaitTimeout), if there is a persistent IOException
        in trying to obtain the lock, this can be messaged & included in
        the "Lock obtain timed out" that's raised.
      • Corrected javadoc in SimpleFSLockFactory: it previously said the
        wrong system property for overriding lock class via system
      • Fixed unhandled IOException when opening an IndexWriter for
        create, if the locks dir does not exist (just added
        lockDir.exists() check in clearAllLocks method of
        SimpleFSLockFactory & NativeFSLockFactory.
      • Fixed a few small unrelated issues with TestLockFactory, and
        also fixed tests to accept NativeFSLockFactory as the default
        locking implementation for FSDirectory.
      • Fixed a typo in javadoc in FieldsReader.java
      • Added some more javadoc for the LockFactory.setLockPrefix


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