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Spatial3d javadocs don't pass "ant documentation-lint"



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      Spinoff from LUCENE-6607.

      With the attached patch, if you run ant documentation-lint from top-level, it hits these javadoc linting problems:

           [exec] build/docs/spatial3d/org/apache/lucene/geo3d/ArcDistance.html
           [exec]   missing Fields: INSTANCE
           [exec]   missing Constructors: INSTANCE
           [exec] build/docs/spatial3d/org/apache/lucene/geo3d/BasePlanetObject.html
           [exec]   missing Fields: planetModel
           [exec]   missing Constructors: planetModel
           [exec] build/docs/spatial3d/org/apache/lucene/geo3d/Bounds.html
           [exec] Traceback (most recent call last):
           [exec]   File "/l/trunk/dev-tools/scripts/checkJavaDocs.py", line 384, in <module>
           [exec]     if checkPackageSummaries(sys.argv[1], level):
           [exec]   File "/l/trunk/dev-tools/scripts/checkJavaDocs.py", line 364, in checkPackageSummaries
           [exec]     if checkClassSummaries(fullPath):
           [exec]   File "/l/trunk/dev-tools/scripts/checkJavaDocs.py", line 225, in checkClassSummaries
           [exec]     raise RuntimeError('failed to locate javadoc item in %s, line %d? last line: %s' % (fullPath, lineCount, line.rstrip()))  missing Fields: leftLongitude
           [exec]   missing Fields: maxLatitude
           [exec]   missing Fields: minLatitude
           [exec]   missing Fields: noBottomLatitudeBound
           [exec]   missing Fields: noLongitudeBound
           [exec]   missing Fields: noTopLatitudeBound
           [exec]   missing Fields: rightLongitude
           [exec]   missing Constructors: rightLongitude
           [exec]   missing Methods: addHorizontalCircle-double-
           [exec]   missing Methods: addLatitudeBound-double-
           [exec]   missing Methods: addLatitudeZone-double-
           [exec] RuntimeError: failed to locate javadoc item in build/docs/spatial3d/org/apache/lucene/geo3d/GeoBaseDistanceShape.html, line 177? last line: </tr>  missing Methods: addLongitudeBound-double-
           [exec]   missing Methods: addLongitudeBound-double-double-
           [exec]   missing Methods: addLongitudeSlice-double-double-
           [exec]   missing Methods: addPoint-double-double-
           [exec]   missing Methods: addPoint-double-double-double-
           [exec]   missing Methods: addPoint-org.apache.lucene.geo3d.Vector-
           [exec]   missing Methods: checkNoBottomLatitudeBound--
           [exec]   missing Methods: checkNoLongitudeBound--
           [exec]   missing Methods: checkNoTopLatitudeBound--
           [exec]   missing Methods: getLeftLongitude--
           [exec]   missing Methods: getMaxLatitude--
           [exec]   missing Methods: getMinLatitude--
           [exec]   missing Methods: getRightLongitude--
           [exec]   missing Methods: noBottomLatitudeBound--
           [exec]   missing Methods: noLongitudeBound--
           [exec]   missing Methods: noTopLatitudeBound--
           [exec] build/docs/spatial3d/org/apache/lucene/geo3d/DistanceStyle.html
           [exec]   missing Fields: ARC
           [exec]   missing Fields: LINEAR
           [exec]   missing Fields: LINEAR_SQUARED
           [exec]   missing Fields: NORMAL
           [exec]   missing Fields: NORMAL_SQUARED
           [exec] build/docs/spatial3d/org/apache/lucene/geo3d/GeoArea.html
           [exec]   missing Fields: CONTAINS
           [exec]   missing Fields: DISJOINT
           [exec]   missing Fields: OVERLAPS
           [exec]   missing Fields: WITHIN
           [exec] build/docs/spatial3d/org/apache/lucene/geo3d/GeoBaseBBox.html
           [exec]   missing Fields: ALL_INSIDE
           [exec]   missing Fields: NONE_INSIDE
           [exec]   missing Fields: SOME_INSIDE
           [exec]   missing Constructors: SOME_INSIDE
           [exec]   missing Methods: isShapeInsideBBox-org.apache.lucene.geo3d.GeoShape-

      Maybe we can fix the javadocs?


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          Michael McCandless
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          Karl Wright
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          Michael McCandless
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          Karl Wright
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          Karl Wright



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