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Replace FieldInfo.normsType with FieldInfo.hasNorms boolean


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      I came across this precursor while working on LUCENE-6005:

      I think FieldInfo.normsType can only be null (field did not index
      norms) or DocValuesType.NUMERIC (it did). I'd like to simplify to
      just boolean hasNorms.

      This is a strange boolean, though: in theory it should be derived from
      indexed && omitNorms == false, but we have it for the exceptions
      case where every document in a segment hit an exception and never
      added norms. I think this is the only reason it exists? (In theory,
      such cases should result in 100% deleted segments, which IW should
      then drop ... but seems dangerous to "rely" on that).

      So I changed the indexing chain to just fill in the default (0) norms
      for all documents in such exceptional cases; this way going forward
      (starting with 5.0 indices) we really don't need this hasNorms. But
      we still need it for pre-5.0 indices...


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