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Fix monster tests so they pass


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      The tests labelled @Monster are having a very hard time passing. Initially, there were some real failures on tests that push the 2 billion envelope, as well as some test bugs regarding suite timeouts and the quantity of date sent to sysout. mikemccand committed a fix for the real failures and the initial sysout problems.

      Trying to move @SuppressSysoutChecks to the definition of @Monster didn't work. I'm also having trouble defining the suite timeouts. One test that says it takes about 45 minutes hit the six hour timeout that I had configured for the suite, and failed.

      What sort of machine should we use as a "normal" machine for deciding on suite timeouts? My machine is over four years old, but it's got three 2.5Ghz cores and 12GB of RAM. That's certainly not a completely modern machine, but it's not exactly slow.


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