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Decouple Filter from BitSet


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      package org.apache.lucene.search;
      public abstract class Filter implements java.io.Serializable 
        public abstract AbstractBitSet bits(IndexReader reader) throws IOException;
      public interface AbstractBitSet 
        public boolean get(int index);

      It would be useful if the method =Filter.bits()= returned an abstract interface, instead of =java.util.BitSet=.

      Use case: there is a very large index, and, depending on the user's privileges, only a small portion of the index is actually visible.
      Sparsely populated =java.util.BitSet=s are not efficient and waste lots of memory. It would be desirable to have an alternative BitSet implementation with smaller memory footprint.

      Though it is possibly to derive classes from =java.util.BitSet=, it was obviously not designed for that purpose.
      That's why I propose to use an interface instead. The default implementation could still delegate to =java.util.BitSet=.


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