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Improve BBox AreaSimilarity algorithm to consider lines and points


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    • Fix Version/s: 4.10, 6.0
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      GeoPortal's area overlap algorithm didn't consider lines and points; they end up turning the score 0. I've thought about this for a bit and I've come up with an alternative scoring algorithm. (already coded and tested and documented):
      New Javadocs:

       * The algorithm is implemented as envelope on envelope overlays rather than
       * complex polygon on complex polygon overlays.
       * <p/>
       * <p/>
       * Spatial relevance scoring algorithm:
       * <DL>
       *   <DT>queryArea</DT> <DD>the area of the input query envelope</DD>
       *   <DT>targetArea</DT> <DD>the area of the target envelope (per Lucene document)</DD>
       *   <DT>intersectionArea</DT> <DD>the area of the intersection between the query and target envelopes</DD>
       *   <DT>queryTargetProportion</DT> <DD>A 0-1 factor that divides the score proportion between query and target.
       *   0.5 is evenly.</DD>
       *   <DT>queryRatio</DT> <DD>intersectionArea / queryArea; (see note)</DD>
       *   <DT>targetRatio</DT> <DD>intersectionArea / targetArea; (see note)</DD>
       *   <DT>queryFactor</DT> <DD>queryRatio * queryTargetProportion;</DD>
       *   <DT>targetFactor</DT> <DD>targetRatio * (1 - queryTargetProportion);</DD>
       *   <DT>score</DT> <DD>queryFactor + targetFactor;</DD>
       * </DL>
       * Note: The actual computation of queryRatio and targetRatio is more complicated so that it considers
       * points and lines. Lines have the ratio of overlap, and points are either 1.0 or 0.0 depending on wether
       * it intersects or not.
       * <p />
       * Based on Geoportal's
       * <a href="http://geoportal.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/geoportal/Geoportal/trunk/src/com/esri/gpt/catalog/lucene/SpatialRankingValueSource.java">
       *   SpatialRankingValueSource</a> but modified. GeoPortal's algorithm will yield a score of 0
       * if either a line or point is compared, and it's doesn't output a 0-1 normalized score (it multiplies the factors).
       * @lucene.experimental


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