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Numeric DocValues Updates



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    • Fix Version/s: 4.6, 6.0
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      In LUCENE-4258 we started to work on incremental field updates, however the amount of changes are immense and hard to follow/consume. The reason is that we targeted postings, stored fields, DV etc., all from the get go.

      I'd like to start afresh here, with numeric-dv-field updates only. There are a couple of reasons to that:

      • NumericDV fields should be easier to update, if e.g. we write all the values of all the documents in a segment for the updated field (similar to how livedocs work, and previously norms).
      • It's a fairly contained issue, attempting to handle just one data type to update, yet requires many changes to core code which will also be useful for updating other data types.
      • It has value in and on itself, and we don't need to allow updating all the data types in Lucene at once ... we can do that gradually.

      I have some working patch already which I'll upload next, explaining the changes.


        1. LUCENE-5189_process_events.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        2. LUCENE-5189_process_events.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        3. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        4. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        5. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        6. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        7. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        8. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        9. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        10. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        11. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        12. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        13. LUCENE-5189.patch
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          Shai Erera
        14. LUCENE-5189-4x.patch
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          Shai Erera
        15. LUCENE-5189-4x.patch
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          Shai Erera
        16. LUCENE-5189-no-lost-updates.patch
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          Shai Erera
        17. LUCENE-5189-renames.patch
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          Shai Erera
        18. LUCENE-5189-segdv.patch
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          Shai Erera
        19. LUCENE-5189-updates-order.patch
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          Shai Erera
        20. LUCENE-5189-updates-order.patch
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          Shai Erera



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